Wednesday, 19 May 2010

I've moved...

Thank you for everyone who has found this blog.

Please now find me here for my illustrations and design work.

Isa x

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Sneak peak


This little package of goodies is flying its way across the sea as we speak. It's my contribution to the Holiday Traditions Exchange organised by Meg from Sew Liberated. I am so happy to be involved and I had so much fun putting this package together for my swap partner Jennifer.

Other things we've been up to around here:

Playing with homemade playdough from this recipe

Hosting my open house

Doing lots of embriodery for a new project!

Friday, 11 December 2009

Christmas decorations

Uploaded to my new folksy shop noisettehandmade

I've got a few stockings, linen hearts and one tree which hopefully won't take too long to sell since there is only 10 more posatge days to get them before Christmas!

My marketing company noisette marketing is going well. I have had a few more customers and I'm hoping to really get it going in the New Year. I think the next few weeks is the perfect time to start thinking about your plan with your shops for the following year. Once everything has been posted out, I'm going to sit down and work out my plans for noisette baby, noisette handmade and noisette marketing. It's scary to lay it all out like that. How did I get to own 3 businesses? eek!

I'm hoping to go in a different direction next year with my handmade products so watch this space!

Friday, 27 November 2009


I've been working on my marketing business for the last few days and its really taking off. I'm so happy to be helping people achieve their dreams of making a living doing what they love. My most recent client runs a gourmet tea company in Canada and I've immersed myself in learning about tea! I love tea (and coffee) but I didn't realise there was such a thing as handcrafted, artisan, infused loose tea. I usually just buy tea from the local shop but I'm starting to learn more and I'm eager to try some different tasty flavours (bubblegum flavour anyone?).  I'm hoping to put in a little order soon and its a shame my Mum has a tea intolerance because it would make a great gift for Christmas. Other flavours I want to try include White Chocolate Mousse!

I'm actually having a Black Friday to Cyber Monday special offer in my shop. You get $30 of business freebies when you buy any marketing or PR plan.

I've also been inspired by my son. Look at this he made at nursery! Its so cute. I've framed it for now because it reminds me to be free creatively. I added a closeup of his little hand so you can see the glitter! I also tweaked it in Photoshop and got the bottom image. Looks like a digital print.

OK back to work! I need to sew over 100 things for next weeks Open House event! x

Thursday, 26 November 2009

more nature

Before they get sucked into the abyss that is my hard drive

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

the beginning of the end

It's almost winter. Everything is brown and old and nearly dead. I was a bit depressed by it all at first. My favourite season is coming to an end and the cold dead of winter is about to begin. Then I looked a little closer at the brown and found a few interesting nobbly trees which made for interesting photographs and these cute pine cones.

And when there is lots of brown it makes you appreciate the little splashes of colour you still find every now and again. Like here:

I really wish I could learn to use my camera properly. All I do is switch the flash off and click away. I take about 10 photos for every one I use and I find it hard to edit them all too. I think in the new year I might try and start a weekly photography feature. Maybe an art and photography feature. Maybe a nature study. And I can learn how to take gorgeous photos of nature and then draw them. Then post them side by side. No words except a title.

Well I'm just thinking out loud.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

what i'm working on

Lots of bunnies. Here you can see a stack of bunny ears for noisettebaby

Embriodery for some new toys I'm working on.

These heart ornaments were for a trade on etsy. I traded 5 of these for some Twilight inspired Bella mittens. I can't wait to get them. (Team Jacob all the way!!)

And this is the invite I sent out for the open house I'm having. I was meant to have this on Nov 7th as an official launch for noisette handmade but I pushed it back a bit so I could make more stock and hopefully people will buy things for gifts. I designed the invite in Illustrator which I love and wish I could use more for things. Is there a job where you can just play on Illustrator all day?

I'm making lots of things I don't usually offer so I have a wide range of gifts. I'm a big kid at heart though so I enjoy coming up with new toys the most. I've been very busy lately which I love. It's hard finding time to fit it all in but I wouldn't have it any other way!