Friday, 27 November 2009


I've been working on my marketing business for the last few days and its really taking off. I'm so happy to be helping people achieve their dreams of making a living doing what they love. My most recent client runs a gourmet tea company in Canada and I've immersed myself in learning about tea! I love tea (and coffee) but I didn't realise there was such a thing as handcrafted, artisan, infused loose tea. I usually just buy tea from the local shop but I'm starting to learn more and I'm eager to try some different tasty flavours (bubblegum flavour anyone?).  I'm hoping to put in a little order soon and its a shame my Mum has a tea intolerance because it would make a great gift for Christmas. Other flavours I want to try include White Chocolate Mousse!

I'm actually having a Black Friday to Cyber Monday special offer in my shop. You get $30 of business freebies when you buy any marketing or PR plan.

I've also been inspired by my son. Look at this he made at nursery! Its so cute. I've framed it for now because it reminds me to be free creatively. I added a closeup of his little hand so you can see the glitter! I also tweaked it in Photoshop and got the bottom image. Looks like a digital print.

OK back to work! I need to sew over 100 things for next weeks Open House event! x

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