Wednesday, 25 November 2009

the beginning of the end

It's almost winter. Everything is brown and old and nearly dead. I was a bit depressed by it all at first. My favourite season is coming to an end and the cold dead of winter is about to begin. Then I looked a little closer at the brown and found a few interesting nobbly trees which made for interesting photographs and these cute pine cones.

And when there is lots of brown it makes you appreciate the little splashes of colour you still find every now and again. Like here:

I really wish I could learn to use my camera properly. All I do is switch the flash off and click away. I take about 10 photos for every one I use and I find it hard to edit them all too. I think in the new year I might try and start a weekly photography feature. Maybe an art and photography feature. Maybe a nature study. And I can learn how to take gorgeous photos of nature and then draw them. Then post them side by side. No words except a title.

Well I'm just thinking out loud.

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