Saturday, 21 November 2009

what i'm working on

Lots of bunnies. Here you can see a stack of bunny ears for noisettebaby

Embriodery for some new toys I'm working on.

These heart ornaments were for a trade on etsy. I traded 5 of these for some Twilight inspired Bella mittens. I can't wait to get them. (Team Jacob all the way!!)

And this is the invite I sent out for the open house I'm having. I was meant to have this on Nov 7th as an official launch for noisette handmade but I pushed it back a bit so I could make more stock and hopefully people will buy things for gifts. I designed the invite in Illustrator which I love and wish I could use more for things. Is there a job where you can just play on Illustrator all day?

I'm making lots of things I don't usually offer so I have a wide range of gifts. I'm a big kid at heart though so I enjoy coming up with new toys the most. I've been very busy lately which I love. It's hard finding time to fit it all in but I wouldn't have it any other way!

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