Friday, 16 October 2009

Autumn sale

All baby shoes are now reduced in my shop. I'm clearing out the shoes and I'll be concentrating on watercolour originals, prints and soft toys for the time being. I feel happy that I've decided to whittle things down. I have so many plans for noisettebaby but for now I need to rein it in and focus on a cohesive product range.

I am officially launching my businesses (noisettebaby and noisette handmade) on November 7th. I'm having an open studio/launch party for friends and family. My sister suggested a tea party theme which could be exciting. Maybe cupcakes and bunting. I'm not sure because the styles of my two businesses are quite different which is why I have the two brands. Noisettebaby is colourful, fun and young where as Noisette Handmade is more sophisticated, modern, organic shapes and images. I hope to one day find a unified style for the two companies but at the moment this is the only way I know how to manage them both.

I took the holly photo on a walk near my home. I love how vivid the colours are and the contrast between the soft berries and the sharp edges of the leaves. Beautiful.

And seeing as its almost Christmas I started on some Christmas decorations for noisettehandmade shop. Some little mini linen hearts.

I can't get enough of red and white and natural linen together.

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